I was reading a forum today and a person asked whether she should continue using the Tarot because she had a reading in which she was told she would get a job that she did not get. This devolved into a discussion about whether the Tarot can predict anything.

Does one incorrect reading invalidate the Tarot? An oracle (any oracle) is just one tool for examining a situation. In my opinion, all decisions should be made with as much information as is reasonably possible (including tarot and astrology), and your own reason should remain fully engaged and allow for course corrections should facts change. Unless you believe that everything is predetermined (and some people do and they may be right – who am I to judge), future outcomes are constantly shifting with each decision.

Can anything predict the future? Here, I think examples less highly charged than the Tarot may help. For example, a lawyer gives advice based on known facts to their client; however, the case concludes differently than the lawyer predicted. Was the method the lawyer used to blame? Could it have been the changing facts and circumstances? Could it have been the lawyer’s skill? In truth, it could have been any of these factors.

Outcome alone does not invalidate the method. The outcome of any legal case is a PROBABILITY problem based upon currently known facts applied with varying levels of skill and expertise in a certain legal atmosphere. A lawyer can say with reasonable certainty (especially if they’ve practiced law for decades as have I) that X is the most likely outcome, if things don’t change. However, I don’t know any lawyer who will guarantee an outcome because other factors can (and sometime do) creep in. I think the same can be said for predicting the weather by meteorologists, or predicting market performance by stockbrokers, or examining a personal situation with the Tarot. If an adviser gives a lot of crappy advice, change advisers. If the adviser generally gives good advice, it sounds like you have found someone you should keep on retainer.

Before we go outside in the morning, many of us will listen to the weather report and grab an umbrella, if there is rain in the forecast. We may glance out the window to confirm with our own eyes what the day looks like because weather forecasters can be wrong. Even if the day looks sunny, we take the umbrella anyway because, let’s be honest, the meteorologist gets the weather right more often than not. And then we go about our day knowing that the day may change. But if it rains, at least we have our umbrella.


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