Have questions before we cast a spread? Let me see if I can answer them!

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Why do you use Astrology and the Tarot?

Sometimes the best guides are found rooted in our past . . .

Astrology is a metaphysical science that has been honed over thousands of years. True, there have been modern additions to astrology that have not been time tested. However, when it comes to providing you with answers, I will only use those things that I have found worked for me and the masters who came before me. I adopted astrology into my consultation work only after I successfully used it in my own life and my own business. And that has been my motto: If it works, use it.

The tarot is a set of 78 cards that were originally designed by bored Italian nobility for entertainment around 1493. Research indicates that it wasn’t until the mid-1700’s that the tarot began acting as a tool for divination. The tarot that most of you know actually stems from the art created by Pamela Colman Smith in 1909.

The tarot is an ideal divination tool because the images speak to our intuition. With the tarot and divine guidance, we can gain insight into all manner of daily challenges. The tarot is a more recent discovery than astrology, having only been used for a few centuries; however, it has proven quite useful for me and my clients.

How experienced are you?

I get this question a lot! For everything I do, I went to school. Astrology. Tarot. Druidry. All of it. Not many consultants can say the same. And even fewer possess the real world life and business experience like I have gained over the last 50+ years.

I have been providing metaphysical consultations for over 35 years. I am also a licensed and practicing attorney as well as a data scientist. Right brain and left brain working in harmony. In everything I do, I seek out solid facts so I can present you with actionable options. I also listen to the intuition, which will tell me when it is time to listen to voices other than my own.

My druidic practice began in my childhood. I remember that first time when I looked into the sky and saw sunlight streaming through the clouds and thought: There’s the Divine. It is everywhere. I had found my path.

I started giving tarot readings when I was 17 and it wasn’t too many years later when I began studying Astrology. I am certified by the House of White and Biddy Tarot. I am also a member of the American Tarot Association. But what does all of this paper mean? You want insight and results. All of my clients do. What I want to make sure you know is that I’m not new to this. I didn’t pick up a book yesterday together with a deck of cards and decide to start a service! I’m experienced, trained, and tested by some of the most notable people in the field.

Can you teach me how to interpret Astrological charts and read the Tarot?

Could I? Yes. Will I? That depends on how serious you are. My time is very limited; but for a serious student, I would consider it or at least give you a referral if I am unable to do so. Simply contact me with your background and your goals. I would be happy to begin a dialogue.

Can you teach me druidry?

That is something I do in conjunction with my Order. Check out the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids at www.druidry.org. They have a wonderful correspondence course, which enables druids in all corners of the world to find lessons and mentors. I should know. I have been with them since 1993 and I am one of their mentors!