Sharon Lewis, Tarot Consultant

Saille brings knowledge and professionalism to the Tarot community that is astounding.  Her no-nonsense approach and down to earth attitude are a refreshing change from all the "New Age fluff" I've encountered in other readers.  I've been reading tarot for 35 years so I can validly say that Saille knows her stuff!  Her level of confidentiality is such that I would trust her with anything I need to consult about.  Her knowledge of business and law add to her abilities exponentially.  She is my first choice when I need solid advice and a workable action plan!

Cynthia, Therapist

I asked Saille's assistance in casting a manifestation spread for me. We covered a number of tools and approaches to reach my goal. It was imperative that I manifest new business quickly, so that was our focus. As soon as we finished the manifestation spread, I started to get calls from new clients! I couldn't believe it happened so fast.

Samantha, Tarot Client

Saille, First of all I want to thank you personally for providing an opportunity such as this to others. I am truly grateful that the universe led me here. I truly cannot thank you enough for taking the time to look into my situation. It is difficult for me to remain objective sometimes. Your insight into my situation is remarkably in tune with the energies I currently feel. You have a wonderful gift and I thank you for sharing it with me. Thank you for your reading Saille! I both appreciate and resonate with it very much!

Slada, Tarot Client

I just received a reading by Saille and I have to say that I am impressed!! She was spot on. She was very insightful and provided me with answers. I knew what to do, but I needed someone to confirm that I was heading in the right direction.

L.A.V., Tarot Client

Dear Saille, Thank you for the reading, it really has helped me see things clearer. I have really liked this reading. I don't think I have ever been this thankful for a reading. I feel a kind of relief, and although like you said it is something I have to work on and it will take time, I know I can do it. Love, L.A.V.

Yenny, Tarot Client

Wow, Saille, Thank you for this. This reading has been an absolute pleasure to read through. Thank you for addressing my question and not veering off from the point. This was a very thorough reading. Thank you for taking the time to go through each card and using a spread that relates to me. I am normally a very anxious person, and this reading has been very soothing for me. Thank you!

Aya, Tarot Client

Beautiful reading, not just because it was favorable in many aspects, but because it rang true.

S.W., Tarot Client

Thank you so much for the reading, Saille! It is incredibly insightful and deeply resonant. I definitely recognize myself in this reading. It almost feels like you know me! You very accurately described my current situation and where my heart wishes to go in the future. I agree whole-heartedly with the areas of challenge you identified and feel that the suggestion to meditate with some of this was very appropriate and will lend the clarity I need. The reading will absolutely be helpful in supporting me to move forward along my career path. I also really appreciate the reminder that my future is in my hands and that I am in control of what happens. And your tone is thoughtful and compassionate, which makes the reading feel really good. I highly recommend you as a reader!

Simar, Tarot Client

Saille. Thank you so much for the reading, it resonated quite a bit deeply. I liked the way the reading was broken down. The advice given was constructive, clear, and simple to understand. I really felt compassion and love from the reading. Thank you.

R., Tarot Client

Thank you for the depth of the information you provided. I don't always see that in readings.

Wendy, Retail Associate

Saille performed a manifestation reading for me because I needed new direction in my life. I was impressed by her professionalism. She prepared for the reading by creating my astrological natal chart. With it, she showed me how to maximize my strengths and minimize that aspects that tend to get in the way of my plans. She took the time to explain the process to me, so I would know what to expect. She also recommended I take notes, which I did! Once she completed the spread, we reviewed the results thoroughly until she was certain I understood everything and had an action plan. I left feeling very relieved and confident about the path my life is taking.