A good friend of mine posted a great message on his Facebook page in which he said:

“[D]on't be offended if I ask WHAT [Metaphysical] SCHOOL you went to…. Because there is no doctor, lawyer, psychologist, or nurse who reads a book on the subject and is qualified to hold my life in their hands. Please understand that if you want that responsibility as a tarot reader or astrologer you had better have some REAL credentials.”

Training as it applies to ethics is no new topic for me, but it may be to you. I don’t know about you, but my plumber, my doctor, my spiritual adviser, and my waitperson all received training; and that training matters to me. The more important the issue, the more stringent I am with their credentials.

When you seek guidance from astrology or tarot, you are generally there for an important reason. Should you entrust those questions to a tarot reader who invested in a deck and maybe a book, who started reading 2 weeks ago? No. You should ask questions about their background and training. Why? Because it is super easy to buy a deck, set up a booth, and just start reading. Any tarot reader or astrologer could post a sign behind them that says “this reading is for entertainment purposes only” and blithely go about making things up and be perfectly within their right to do so. But is that ethical? I don’t believe it does.

I believe it is incumbent on a metaphysical practitioner to train in order to give the best possible insight they can. That means continuing education, classes, study, and hands-on training. Without that kind of practice, I couldn’t in good conscience charge a client for my professional services. No one should.

When you seek out metaphysical advice, consider the adviser. What knowledge, experience, and training do they bring to the table? If you want a reading simply for entertainment, then by all means have fun. But if you want a viable action plan for a real world problem, consider consulting someone who has studied with other competent professionals, maintains a rigorous training schedule, and has experience with your type of situation. Professional athletes don’t show up on game day without countless hours of practice to prepare them for the moment. Make sure your metaphysical professional maintains the same level of competence and fitness to address your needs.


Druid, Astrologer, Tarotista providing metaphysical consultations for over 35 years.