Individual Consultations & Manifestations

I provide Skype consultations for individuals by appointment. he price will depend on the intricacies involved in your particular reading, If you want to know what your cost will be, contact me.

I do not use 1, 2, 3, or 4 card spreads like many other online readers. These don’t give my clients the kind of insight and  plan they need to move forward. We will work together to delve into whatever insight the Universe has for us.

Individual consultations with me average around 45 minutes or more, depending on the client and the question. Manifestations take even longer. Please allow sufficient time to explore your needs and develop the correct 10 or more card spread for your situation. I don’t charge by the minute like some online or telephone services. If you book at a set price for a single reading, the price will not change for that reading just because I go long! However, if you want more than one reading–and many do–I will likely request that you schedule another session after the first reading to be fair to my other clients. Price ranges from $50 to $150, depending on the intricacies involved.

For a skype reading, you will need to download Skype, which can be obtained here for free:

I will also provide email readings, if you prefer. Just let me know.


Corporate Consultations

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You need to know what you don’t know! That is the motivation for most of my corporate clients.

For instance, a client came to me because their case wasn’t moving forward and he had no idea why. There were a lot of dollars on the line and they needed results.

Using a combination of astrology and tarot, we cracked the code to a problem that had been stymieing them for nearly TWO YEARS.

Using a building strategy, my client was finally able to shape a difficult situation into a favorable result. If you need this kind of assistance or you are exploring ways to start or grow you business, please contact me for an appointment. Together, we can create a strategy for moving forward.


Why Am I Right For You?

Saille: The Tarot Druid

Have you consulted with a tarot reader or other metaphysical practitioner in the past only to walk away without a real answers to your question or a plan for your future? I have spent years observing tarot readers and astrologers. Generally, I’m shaking my head. Most of the readers I have encountered answer questions with vague generalities, which you forget the next day. As a business professional as well as a certified and experienced tarot reader,  druid mentor, and astrologer, I have unique tools at my disposal and a well-rounded perspective, which I combine to shed light on your situations. I will consult with you until we have answers and you can walk away with a solid  plan that addresses your problem, or insight on how to better your life.

Because of the nature of my professional work, I believe in DISCRETION, which is why I use an obvious pseudonym. I provide private consultations via Skype, email, or I can attend in person if requested and if arrangements can be agreed upon.

I offer compassion and professionalism, not crystal balls.